At present, it is possible to order new McMascot McMerchandise to demonstrate optimism and solidarity. More coming soon.

McDonald's Interactive believes that market forces will not reduce the growing threat of Abrupt Climate Change. After all, even the most optimistic free-market faithful suggest that 20% reduction in emissions is the most we can expect if profit is to be the only motivator. Yet scientists tell us we must achieve 70%! So profit cannot be the only motivator (unless, of course, we're willing to abandon hundreds of millions or more to their fate in the name of free markets).

No: legislative changes are required, and to bring about that legislation, much public pressure will be needed. Working towards revolt is therefore the only true CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

If the McDonald's Corporation is to somehow remain true to this CSR commitment despite its charter to maximize profit at all costs, it must begin by adopting a new mascot. McDonald's Interactive suggests the following images to replace Ronald McDonald.

Which do you prefer - McZapata, McMarianne, McChe, Rona McRiveter, McMalcolm McX, or McHatma McGandhi? Please let us know! Click on any image for high-resolution version.




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